Installation Partners

Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating

A Homelift installation is a team effort, and at Cambridge Elevating we have built our team with the finest engineers and contractors.

As we go through the process of design, structural review, permitting, site preparation, installation, and turnover, we need to have the expertise in place to ensure safety and move the process through its various stages. Good communication is the key to any project, and we have worked long and hard to perfect our teamwide communications throughout the process.

Cambridge Elevating leads the process, but we rely on experienced professionals with expertise in their own fields to bring your Homelift project to life. These professionals work as a seamless part of our team to hand your project over.

Intallation partners

Structural Engineer Partner

Quinn Dressel Associates.

Retaining the structural integrity of your home is a key component of the project. We modify structural support members to create the opening to fit your Homelift. In many cases, this process is straightforward, but ensuring this part of the design process is completed to meet all building code requirements is a must for every individual project. Once these criteria are met and built, then the project is a guaranteed success.

Primary Contractor Partner

Pro Accessibility.

Pro Accessibility Ltd. is a construction and project management firm.
We design, modify and build homes and work environments for seniors and individuals with disabilities or physical limitations.

Pro Accessibility Ltd. has been in the construction industry since 1999 and has dedicated the last 12 years exclusively catering to individuals with accessibility needs.

We ensure that all our clients are treated with dignity and respect.

Secondary Contractor Partner

R.K. Renovations

Once the design, engineering and permit have been sorted on paper, the actual construction work takes place, and that is where our contractor partners take over. Although any general contractor could take on these projects in theory, there is a substantial benefit in having specialised, experienced crews carry out on-site preparation work. As with any construction project, the Homelift needs exacting structural dimensions, openings, and a foundation from which to install it. There are many stories of delayed projects due to a lack of site preparation from the onset, so we make sure that’s never the case for a Homelift installation.

Trust us and our trusted partners to get the job done safely and efficiently!