Seniors and their Elderly Pets

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Seniors and their Elderly Pets

We all Age, Including our Pets

Among other factors – from costs to being close to family members and maintaining independence – is one crucial reason many people choose to Age in Place: their pets. With the alternative to staying in their own home being moving out to a retirement or care facility where pets are not allowed, many seniors find that the latter is simply not an option. Losing the constant companionship they have grown used to, not to mention having to rehome their beloved furry (or scaly!) friend, is very often out of the question, leading to seniors staying put.

What happens as our pets age

However, we’re not the only ones ageing! As we age, our pets age along with us, and it is the special bond we share as we grow old together that keeps us all happy and healthy. However, some aspects of ageing may not be that easy on us (or them!). One of these aspects is mobility.

Just as our needs change and we find it harder to use stairs, for example, our cats and dogs may also find their mobility decreasing, making it a challenge for them get around our homes safely. Do you remember your dog as a puppy, as it stumbled and flopped up the odd obstacles that separated them from its family? How day by day they overcame their apprehension and were soon bounding up and down the staircase with as little as a whistle or command? Or how your kitten huddled on each step before tentatively hopping onto the next one? And how soon enough it was prancing up and downstairs at will?

Now, as they age, they may start to struggle with sore joints, knees, and hips. This may force us to relocate their beds to save them from coming upstairs or even carry them up and down with us. This may be fine with very small breeds, but if you’ve got a bigger breed of pup, this may be dangerous, both for you and for them, especially if your own mobility isn’t what it once was. 

So, what can we do to help our elderly pets?

If stairs have become an issue either for you, your pets, or both, you may start to consider alternatives that eliminate the stress, chore, and worry of having to walk up and down, allowing you both to save the energy you so need for fun walkies in the park or playtime in the garden. 

A Homelift is a gift for the whole family, including everyone, especially your dog, as they generally love the ride! Making sure everyone is present when it matters most, a Homelift contributes to the complete family experience, making homes accessible again to all family members alike, allowing you all to age in place safely, happily, and healthily. 

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