Take Homelifts for a Test Drive

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We know that any renovation project takes considerable time and energy to plan and carry out. Not only that, but retrofitting your home can also be a costly exercise, so considerable time is spent evaluating your options and making sure you have a plan that will yield the desired results and benefits.

If you are considering a Homelift or stairlift for your renovation, we highly recommend you experience the product before you buy it.

We have a fully operational Homelift built in our showroom. Visitors can test every element of the Homelift, from access and safety concerns, to riding it up to our second floor mezzanine. 

Buying and installing a Homelift can enable loved ones to stay in their home for years beyond what stairs would allow. If you are interested in a demonstration of how our Homelift works and want to consult our experienced professionals on best locations in the home and approximate costs, contact us today to schedule an in person demo.

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Brian Granger


To book a demo and try the homelift for yourself contact Brian today.

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