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Your Personal Two-Story Elevator

*Handrail control is only available as an upgrade. Homelift travels at 16 feet per minute.

An added value for your home

So discreet that you almost won’t notice it’s presence

The Home Elevator can move 2 people and fits in almost any home, as it takes up so little space. The large vision panels favor the entry of natural light, making it an ideal choice for family environments.
Up to 507lb
With a lift capacity of 507lb, our Homelift models can accommodate up to 2 people, a wheelchair, and various household items.
Battery Backup

If the power fails, the elevator ensures you return to the base floor, you don’t need to wait for help. It also has other security mechanisms.

Reduced energy cost
Thanks to the energy efficient winding drum system, the home elevator consumes as little energy as a household appliance.
Greater security and versatility

A discreet presence in any home

Our residential compact elevator cabin takes up very little space, it can be installed in almost any room in the house and as it does not need an elevator shaft, you can park the cabin on another floor and conserve the useful space for passage.

The top and bottom of the cabin of the home elevator seals off the passage area: the space is always closed off, mimicking the ceiling or floor and allowing you to walk over it. This feature also eliminates any possibility of falling through the span – a risk inherent to conventional elevators due to the existence of a pit.

home elevator discreet

What can you expect from our home elevator

Discover other details that make an home lift the ideal lift solution for you.

Just press and hold the direction icon and the elevator will move to the desired floor. Very easy to operate.
home elevator internal controls
Our home elevator includes, as an option, a fold-up seat, allowing to travel comfortably and safe. You can still reach the side controls.
Large vision panels on the door and sides let natural light through, increasing your comfort throughout the journey.
home elevator lights
Optimized installation that allows you to reduce time and costs, and have your elevator installed quickly. The hoist-way was replaced by a self-contained structure, the pit floor replaced by a step-free entrance, and the engine room by a compact motor assembly attached to the guide rails.
home elevator phone

Homelifts are equipped with an in-cab telephone, which can be connected to an existing home landline.

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Project support
Specialized service tailored to your project

We have teams of elevator specialists and engineers who can help you to develop your project and ensure the:

Fast delivery time

Homelifts are in stock, and under normal conditions, can be delivered in 4-6 weeks from project approval after completion of preparatory home renovations

Installation in 2-4 days

Under normal conditions, the average installation time for the residential elevator is 3 days.
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Only after ensuring the feasibility of the project, we can guarantee the success of the installation and present you with a final price, transparent and without last minute changes.

Features of the Homelift

The Homelift is a small personal residential elevator built with a winding drum system to provide the most comfortable travel experience.

Homelift 750

Size: 2’ 9 7/16″ x 2’ 5 ½”
(850mm x 750mm)
Ideal for 1 – 2 people

Homelift 1250

Size: 2’ 9 7/16″  x 4’ 1 3/16″
(850mm x 1250mm)
Ideal for a wheelchair user and attendant

Standard Features:
  • Safety sensors
  • Self leveling base for uneven floors
  • Step free entrance
  • Non slip flooring
  • Emergency lowering system
  • In cab diagnostics display
  • Max lift capacity 507lb / 230kg
  • 16ft/min travel speed
  • Side handrails*
  • Quiet travel
  • Easy to operate
  • Continuous touch operation
  • Soft starts and stops
  • In-car telephone
  • LED downlights
  • Brushed aluminum rear guide rails
  • Wireless remote controls (x2)
Optional Features:
  • Folding seat and side rail hand controls

*Handrail optional feature on the 750 model

If you are looking for a home mobility solution, we challenge you to compare Homelifts to the competition.

Homelifts feature the best in safety, function, and style. Compare Homelifts to the competition and you will find they match or out-perform the others on every level.

Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating will coordinate the installation and renovations for you.

Homelifts Stair Lifts
Suitable Application Retrofit / Renovation Retrofit / Renovation
Customization Optional Features Optional Features
Ease of Use Simple Awkward
Capacity Multiple People One Person
Versatility Multiple Uses No Other Uses
Wheel Chair Compatibility Yes No
Max Weight 507lbs / 230kg 350lbs / 159kg
Floors Served 2 2
Travel Time 30 sec 40 sec
Visibility Can be Hidden Always Exposed
Risk of Injury Minimal Numerous Hazards
*Above chart for comparative purposes only.

For a custom home or new build, we have a line of residential elevators that may be the ideal solution.

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