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A guide to Homelift Prices

When considering installing a homelift, a significant consideration is the price. However, a residential homelift is often more affordable and involves far less building work than people expect due to the mechanisms involved. Rather than requiring a shaft and pit, an entire section to be built onto or cut out of a house and lots of noisy machinery, all a homelift needs is a bit of space, and it can be installed in almost any room in the house.

But what influences the price of a homelift?

Homelift models to choose from

The first factors that affect the price you pay for a home elevator is the model you choose, how you personalise it and where you’re installing it in your home. To get you started with deciding on the homelift to meet your needs, here are some questions to ask yourself that may well influence how much your homelift will cost:

Has your home already been roughed-in for an lift hoistway?

  • Newer homes are starting to have this as an option

Is there a location in your home that avoids kitchens, washrooms, furnance rooms on both landing floors ?

Is that location convenient for the use of mobility devices should that be a consideration ?

Is there clear access to the entrance of the Homelift in the location selected?

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to residential elevators when you buy from Cambridge Elevating, they all have certain features in common. These include safety features like emergency communication systems and pressure sensors, battery backups and, most importantly, mechanical brakes that latch onto each rail, hooking into the rail system and stopping the lift in its tracks when activated, as well as a complementary 12-month product warranty and first annual maintenance check.

What Determines the Cost of a Homelift?

While your model of lift influences how much your residential elevator will cost, certain other features will also affect the price, for example:

  • There may be additional work required in order to ensure the structural changes to accept the lift are done to code
  • From a design perspective there may be the possibility of removing walls or partitions
  • The Homelift comes in two sizes and offers some additional features which may be benefical in your particular situation

While these features will all be talked through with you at your in-house consultation, you can begin thinking about locations, specifications and preferences beforehand so that you know what’s in store and can discuss your options with our consultant.

Does the price of a homelift include installation?

Yes. Our price proposal includes both the Homelift and installation. We also coordinate the construction work carried out by our contractor partner to ensure the aperature is complete to specifications, and in conformity to building codes.

What do you get when you buy a Homelift?

When you buy a homelift, what you’re getting is far more than an appliance or device for your home. You’re getting a team of mobility and accessibility experts who want you to get access back to your entire house. These experts will be by your side to answer your every question, but far more than that, they’ll take care of every step, getting the paperwork you need together, scheduling teams, work and technicians to get your homelift installation underway seamlessly. 

Here are some of the extra items you get as part of a homelift installation:
  1. Required engineering drawings
  2. Required site visits for preparation work
  3. Project management of building permit application and approval process
  4. Execution of construction
  5. Final site review for Homelift acceptance
  6. Homelift installation
  7. Homelift testing, training and turnover.

How do I purchase a Homelift?

Once you’ve decided a homelift is the right option for you, have started picturing the difference it’ll make to your home, mobility and accessibility; all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get the ball rolling:

Step 1 – Get in Touch

Call our office to speak to patient, compassionate staff who will stop at nothing to find the solution to best meet your needs. Then they’ll provide you with the information you need and book a consultation with one of our experts. 

Step 2 – Consultation

A free in-home visit involves one of our specialists meeting you and seeing your home so that they can gather information about what you need and how we can meet those needs by finding the best option to fit your house.

Step 3 – Drawings & Permits

The proper documentation is critical to any building project, so Cambridge Elevating supplies everything necessary to apply for the building permit required, ensuring all work is done legally and protecting home insurance.

Step 4 – Scheduling

Once plans have been finalized, and paperwork is in order, the next steps can be scheduled with the entire team, including you as the homeowner. Working collaboratively means you’re kept posted every step of the way.

Step 5 – Construction

The site preparation work can now begin. Under our supervision, the aperture will be constructed to meet the specifications to accept your Homelift.

Step 6 – Installation

The best local elevator technicians who display their talents with every installation fully respect the process and importance of training and testing as part of regular, everyday tasks. They’re ready to ensure maximum safety in every device.

Step 7 – Testing, Training & Turnover

The process is only finalised when our mechanics have finished testing your Homelift inside and out to ensure its safety mechanics and circuits meet our own internal rigorous standards. Then you’re trained on how to use it.

Next Steps

The only way to determine the price of the best Homelift for you is to get us round for a consultation so that we can answer all the questions we’ve asked on this page and determine the Homelift you need to make your house feel like a home once again.

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Only after ensuring the feasibility of the project, we can guarantee the success of the installation and present you with a final price, transparent and without last minute changes.