How to Buy a Homelift

Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating

Though the decision to buy a Homelift may seem daunting at first, you’ll soon find that the toughest part of the process was making that first decision. Once you’re set that a Homelift is the solution for you, all you have to do is follow our simple steps, which will take you from getting in touch all the way to your first ride in your new lift.

Step 1 – Get in Touch

From the moment you call our office, you’ll be speaking to patient, compassionate staff who will stop at nothing to find the solution to best meet your needs. If they feel a Homelift isn’t right for you, they’ll let you know, but they’re more likely to guide you towards the lift to suit your home.

Then they’ll provide you with all the details you need to go ahead with your decision. We operate with transparency because we believe that you need to have all the information possible to make an informed decision for you and your family.

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Once we’ve talked through your options, we can book a consultation. We’re a local company, which means we’re more likely to reach you sooner, taking you one step closer to meeting your mobility needs.

Step 2 – Consultation

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A free consultive visit involves giving you the overall picture of the steps involved in a project and how it will both look and operate once completed. What it is, essentially, is an opportunity for one of our specialists to meet you and see your home so that they can take the time to review your needs and map out how to meet them, developing a concise plan of how they’ll move forward. As with any home renovation, everything needs to be mapped out on paper before work begins.

Our approach is simple but effective, moulded by our years of experience in the industry.

By the time we leave your home, you will 

  • Understand how a Homelift will fit into your home and benefit your lifestyle
  • Be familiar with the process
    • The roles and responsibilities
    • The schedule of events
    • The Scope of Work
  • Feel Comfortable with our pricing
    • We want you to have the whole scope
  • Have had all your questions answered 
    • Whether you’re questioning what we’re saying or clearing up any niggling doubts, you have time to make sure everything’s out in the open and answered before moving on to the next stage.

Project Management

A Homelift project is composed of key elements that ensure it is a success. Following this fail-safe plan, Cambridge Elevating is here to ensure each step is conducted in a timely and effective manner.

  1. Final Homelift specifications & order acceptance
  2. Required engineering drawings
  3. Required site visits for preparation work
  4. Building permit application and approval process
  5. Scheduling of Project work
  6. Execution of construction
  7. Final site review for Homelift acceptance
  8. Homelift installation
  9. Homelift testing, training and turnover.

Step 3 – Drawings & Permits

Having the proper documentation is critical to getting a project off on the right foot. At Cambridge Elevating, we include an engineering package for the site preparation contractor to use when applying for the building permit required for your homelift. Required for projects such as these, a building permit not only ensures that the work is done in accordance to all building codes but also protects homeowners where their home insurance is concerned. In short, these documents are your assurances now and in the future.

elevator drawings and planning

Step 4 – Scheduling

Once all the plans have been drawn up, and the necessary paperwork is in order, steps can be made towards scheduling the work itself. This scheduling, just like every other stage of the process, has been honed by our years of experience, which have taught us that open and flowing communication makes for easier scheduling and expectation management across the team, including you as the homeowner. As such, you can expect to be kept posted every step of the way.

Step 5 – Installation

At the heart of Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating is a superior engineering and installation company that has been providing service in your friends’ neighbours’ homes since 1988. Unlike other companies operating in the area, we staff the best local elevator mechanics, whose experience and talents are put on display with every installation we complete. We understand the complexity of a lifting device, which means we fully respect the process and importance of training and testing as part of our regular, everyday tasks. We don’t just tick off boxes, we jump through hoops to ensure the safety of our installations.

Step 6 – Testing, Training & Turnover

The process isn’t finalised until our technicians have thoroughly tested your Homelift, inside and out. We ensure that your Homelift not only runs efficiently and meets your expectations but that its safety mechanics and circuits meet our own internal rigorous standards.

The training is where you come in, as we provide a full session on how to run your Homelift, care for it, and what to do in the unlikely event something goes wrong. This is the final critical step in your enjoyment of your Homelift, after which you can officially consider the process finalised.

Ready to take the first step towards mobility? Get in touch