Why Choose Homelifts?

With accessibility at our core since we were founded in Ontario in 1988, Cambridge Elevating has since grown into a full range vertical transportation company, allowing us to help make more and more people’s lives easier and homes more accessible across Canada, bringing accessibility to all.



Years in the Industry
Canadian through and through

What We Do

We are passionate about serving your access needs and ensuring that you can enjoy full use of your home for as long as possible.

We operate with transparency in everything we do, which allows us to build partnerships and collaborations with everyone around us, the most important of which are our clients. In seeking to provide the most efficient, effective service possible, the only way forward is to collaborate with those we aim to help. After all, how can we meet your needs without first sitting down and listening to you to find out what they are? Patience and listening are vital in the complete execution of a project, and this is something we pride ourselves in making part of every consultation. Our experienced consultants are trained to see the big picture, listening closely to detect areas of need while assessing your entire home, ensuring all safety aspects are considered, and every angle is taken into consideration in the solution they propose.

With your safety and fulfilment as our ultimate goals, we put our expertise at your service so that together, we may find the right solution to meet your exact needs.

Who we Are

We’re the company that picks up the phone when you call and is ready to walk you through the process right away. We’re well aware that while Homelifts is what we do, it’s not an everyday purchase for most of our clients, and so we’re here to answer each of your questions. We believe no question is too simple and no detail too small to be overlooked, which is why we have a 6-step process in place to take you seamlessly from getting in touch with us to your first ride in your very own homelift.

Our Values

Everything we do is founded on our values, which guide every interaction, whether by phone, email or in-person because once you’ve connected with us, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

homelifts home elevator values


We’re Canada-based, born and bred, and we’re just around the corner, whether you need a question answered, you’re ready to book a consultation, or something doesn’t go quite to plan once you’ve got your homelift installed. Yes, we’re here for you before you get your home elevator fitted, but we’re also here afterwards because your mobility is our priority, and we make sure you keep it once you’ve gotten it back.


While any home modification is stressful, one that involves family members’ mobility can be particularly high-stake, but we’re here to take the pressure off and handle everything that needs handling. We want to ensure your peace of mind before we even step foot in your house, and then for many years to come, by providing the right solution for you.

Let’s make sure everyone is safe, no matter where they are in your home.


Purchasing a residential elevator, or any mobility solution for that matter, is a big decision and one not to be rushed. More than that, however, is the process that leads to purchasing the right elevator – one that meets needs and solves every problem faced. A process that, put simply, takes time we’re more than happy to spend listening to you and finding out what will make you feel safe in your home once again.


Just as you compare car or computer specs, we expect you to be doing your research when it comes to finding the best homelift for you. As part of your research, feel free to ask us any questions you may have, as we make it our business to answer them thoroughly, taking you through any ins and outs you may want to explore.

Our Process

  1. Initial Phone consultation
  2. In-Home Consultation
  3. Showroom Demonstration
  4. Construction & Permit Application
  5.  Installation
  6. Turnover & Orientation

Our After-Sales Service & Warranty

Beyond expertise, customer service, and a tried and tested product of excellence, the final reason to choose Cambridge Elevating is our after-sales service & warranty, which ensure we’re here for you long after installation, just in case anything doesn’t quite go according to plan. 

Providing a standard 12-month Manufacturer’s Limited Product Warranty on all elevator system components, Cambridge Elevating also supplies each client with a 90 Day Installation Warranty from turnover or builder sign-off date. Beyond that, if anything should go wrong, or if your Homelift fails to operate and you need a call-out, call 1-844-896-9200. Cambridge Elevating offers a 24/7 emergency response service and response within 1 business day for non-emergencies to ensure we’re there for you should you need us.