Do I Need a Building Permit for my Canada Homelift?

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Do I Need a Building Permit for my Canada Homelift?

Wherever you are in Canada, make sure your Homelift is in line with Building Codes.

No matter the home modification, renovation, or project, making sure your documentation is in order before you get started is critical in getting a project off on the right foot. This is also true for a Homelift, as tying specifications in with engineering requirements is crucial in ensuring a safe and complete project.

Firstly, do I need a Building Permit?

Installing a Homelift will include cutting, removing, and reapplying the structural members of the home. Though a Homelift is far easier and more straightforward to fit than a commercial one, as it can be fitted in practically any room and doesn’t need a shaft or pit, the work required to fit one is still substantial. This means that yes, you’ll need a building permit to get started.
architect review permit

Though, legally, the work involved in installing a Homelift requires a permit, there’s an additional reason why homeowners should avoid skipping this essential step: to protect their rights regarding their homeowner insurance. In addition to helping the project run more smoothly, the documents relating to permissions, plans and work are assurances for now and the future, should you need them. By having the work registered and inspected, you ensure that any potential issue arising from unlicensed work is avoided right from the offset.

How long does it take to get a Building Permit?

Even though they have been around for over twenty years, Homelifts are seen as a new development when it comes to local building departments, which will generally look at the structural changes and potentially any electrical requirements your home may need to grant you a permit (although most Homelifts run on regular household power). These departments will also take steps to find out whether the Homelift itself meets the necessary codes required for its jurisdiction. Our Homelifts meet the requirements of ASME A17.1 Part V/CSA B44-16 and therefore are fully certified for home use in North America.

The processes themselves have sped up over the years, and with many citizens looking to Age in Place, municipalities have been more attuned and accommodating with the speed at which they approve projects, which is great news for anyone starting out in the near future.

Is there a penalty for building without a permit?

Last but not least, although there are certainly enough reasons to get your paperwork in order before any work commences on your house, the penalty faced for not complying with building codes is certainly something to bear in mind. There could be fines for violating the Building Code Act as well as the ability for the building department to close down a project which will cause long delays.

Though many homeowners may find the process of applying for building permits and being in touch with building authorities daunting or slow, it’s necessary for your own protection, allowing for all contractors to operate safely while following the set scope of work, not to mention complying with rules, regulations and avoiding heavy fines.

So, how do I apply for a Building Permit?

So, you’re convinced that it’s worth doing everything by the book and are ready to take the next step and apply. How do you apply for a building permit?

Firstly, any application is submitted to a municipality, not the provincial government, and must be sent off with drawings, plans and other documents. However, you don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of any of it. All the necessary documents can be acquired while the lift is in production or being scheduled, meaning the overall time scope is not affected.

What’s more, your contractors and suppliers will be responsible for the details required to apply for and complete the permit process, which means this weight is lifted from homeowners’ shoulders. In short, all you have to do is give the go-ahead for the process to get started as you look forward to the day your very own Homelift is installed and ready to use and rest assured Cambridge Elevating will be guiding this process along.


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