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Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating

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Cambridge Elevating specializes in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of residential & commercial elevators and lifting devices. Located in Cambridge Ontario, CEI has been helping home-building trend setters and the mobility challenged since 1988. Our team is more prepared than ever to assist you in putting your dreams into action by building your vertical design statement.

Homelifts by Cambridge Elevating is our latest contribution to the accessibility and Aging in Place sector. We have partnered with Pollock lifts in Northern Ireland to bring their exceptional Homelift product to Canadians. Pollock’s unwavering manufacturing excellence combined with Cambridge Elevating’s local installation expertise makes this a formable union.

Interview with

Jamie Hamilton
President of Cambridge Elevating
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As you meet the challenges of limited mobility let the Cambridge Elevating team of professionals turn your home into a safe haven. We also understand that your home is your pride, and our products not just provide ease of access but can add a certain level of distinction and style.