Homelift Repair Service

Our Homelifts are safe. They have been tried and tested in the factory, and then they’re checked over, tried and tested once they’re installed to ensure they’re running just as they should be. When it comes to safety features, every circumstance has been planned for, situation envisaged, and incident safeguarded against through the implementation of safety features ranging from emergency communication systems to pressure sensors and monitors, and mechanical brakes to battery backups which mean you’ll always keep moving, even in a power outage.

Though we’ve planned for circumstance after circumstance and have made sure our lifts are equipped with all the safety features possible, like with anything electronic, faults happen, so we’ve made sure we’re ready to spring into action should you need us.

Need a Homelift Repair?

Whether you need a repair or your homelift fails to operate, follow these steps to get it fixed, headache- and stress-free

  1. Call our service team at 1-844-896-9200 
  2. Tell them the fault message you see on the in-cab diagnostic display. 
  3. Wait for them to come to you.
Home elevator homelifts repair

Homelift Emergency?


Cambridge Elevating offers 24/7 emergency response service at 1-844-896-9200


Call us and our team will get back to you within 1 business day to schedule a service visit

Make sure you stay on top of your Homelift Maintenance

Cambridge Elevating recommends every homelift is inspected by our factory-trained technicians every 1750 cycles (full trip up & down) or 12 months (whichever comes first). This assessment involves a comprehensive visual & diagnostic check of your homelift and its operating system to ensure optimal safety and performance year after year – an essential contributor to avoiding calling our repair service or an emergency call-out.